Hello Holy Cross!

My name is Isabella Ruel, and I am a member of the Class of 2025 here at Holy Cross. I grew up in Littleton, MA, and am looking at majoring in neuroscience and possibly minoring in education and/or dance. I can’t wait to take you along as I navigate being a freshman on the hill! 

I figured the best way to start this blog would be to show you what a typical day has looked like for me in these first three weeks on campus… so here’s a look at my Monday! 

8:00 –  Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology

I pretty much show up in my pajamas with a to-go cup of tea in hand every time. It always feels good to get my day going nice and early!

9:00 – Back to the dorm!

This is usually when I put some real clothes on, make some oatmeal (the best dorm food!), and review my notes for class.

10:00 –  Montserrat: Environmental Ethics

Walking into Smith for class


This class really wakes me up- we have so many fun discussions and debates! 






12:00- Lunchtime!

My friends and I meet at dags (aka D’agastinos/science cafe) for lunch and eat out on the grass if the weather is nice. There’s no better food on campus… the sandwiches are the best!

1:00- Calculus

I’ve never been a huge fan of math classes, but this class is really interactive so it’s been fun!

2:00- Homework

Homework on the patio with friends!

I go to the Dinand library’s rooftop garden pretty much any moment I have free time and the sun is shining. It’s the best place to do homework! I always run into friends and we talk and share music recommendations as I take bio notes and work through philosophy readings.



6:00- Dinner @ Kimball

My friends and I always end up spending way more time here than we plan to, and looking at the sunset through the windows is always amazing! 

Smiles at dinner!








8:00- Dance ensemble

I recently auditioned for the campus’ dance ensemble and Monday night tap has already been such a great way to end the day! 

View on my walk to dance


9:00- Finishing the day

My friends and I often finish our homework in each other’s dorms, drink some tea, eat some snacks, and get a little too distracted. Then I usually shower and get ready for bed!