Studying Around Campus

Now that I’ve been on campus for half a semester (it’s crazy how fast it’s flying by!!).. I’ve had a chance to explore so many study spaces on campus! I’ve found so many spots, each with a completely different environment, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites!

Most nights you can find me with my friends under the staircase in the lower level of Dinand library. It’s a silent study area that’s open until midnight, so the space forces us to focus and grind out the last our homework before bed. The library is nice and warm, and sitting in the comfy chairs in sweatpants makes it even more cozy! 

A great outdoor study spot!

The Dinand Library rooftop patio is a great spot when there’s nice weather! Studying outside is my favorite way to take advantage of beautiful days, and my friends all agree that this spot is one of the best!

View out the Rehm window


I firmly believe that Rehm library is the most silent place on campus. If you’re looking for quiet.. this is the place! The stained glass windows make for a beautiful environment, and I find that I get through readings so much faster here without any distractions!


There is a space overlooking memorial plaza in Smith that’s also a great study space! I love to sit at one of the tables or comfy chairs looking out the huge windows at all the red ivy and get homework done between classes here. 

I’ve only recently discovered that I love doing homework in my hall’s common room or kitchen! Working in the common room is a great space if you’re working with friends and aren’t exactly being quiet, and it’s fun to say hi to all your friends as they head off to class or come back to their dorms! The table is nice and big so it can fit many friends 🙂