Christmas on Campus

Coming back to campus after Thanksgiving, I was worried about missing out on the holiday spirit I was used to at home. I feared missing seeing houses all lit up at night on my drives home and going to my town’s holiday events, however, I was so surprised by how much festivity there was around campus throughout the entire month of December! 

my roommate Megan in front of our decorated door!

The day we returned to campus to finish out the semester, my friends and I all immediately set up our small fake Christmas trees in our rooms and decorated the walls with stockings and lights. The hall of my dorm was decked out as well; everyone covered their doors in wrapping paper and lights! It was so fun to take a break from studying and spend an afternoon decorating. 


The school provided us with hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies all around campus throughout the month. My friends and I enjoyed treats at the

Tree lighting!

Christmas tree lighting while enjoying all the carols and continued to find goodies around campus all the way through finals week! We made stuffed teddy bears and found so many other fun Christmas activities as well.



First night with snow

One of my favorite memories from the semester was the first night of snow.  It was the middle of the week, but there were still crowds of people sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes, chairs, and plastic containers late into the night. The hills of campus were made for sledding; my friends and I got so snowy and shared so many laughs. Walking around the snow-coated campus with a hot apple cider from Cool Beans in hand definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!

snowy sledding 🙂